Chocolate-melting Weather

Summer is coming to an end here in the Philippines but the sweltering heat has not abated. There are brief rain showers every so often, which are a welcome change from the dry heat of April, but average temperature on most days seems to remain just slightly below a person’s normal body temperature.

I honestly don’t know if this summer was a “record-high” summer in terms of temperature, but it’s sure been hot. In fact, it’s been so hot that this is the first time I’ve ever had to keep chocolate in the refrigerator!

I am sure many of my fellow chocoholics will agree that a bar of chocolate is best consumed when it’s at room temperature. I don’t enjoy chocolate as much when you have to struggle to break off a piece and it cracks in all the wrong places and leave bits of chocolate all around. I prefer chocolate when it gently comes apart and you see the wisps of softened chocolate as you pull a piece away. Yum!

Unfortunately, even if the idea of cold, hard chocolate doesn’t appeal to me as much, my beloved chocolate has to stay in the ref because anything left out for more than 10 minutes turns to mush–even dark chocolate.

Actually, I have a feeling storing chocolate in the refrigerator is not uncommon here in Manila, but it was never done at our house. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family of chocoholics so a bar of chocolate never lasted more than a couple of hours at our house. Admittedly, my husband grew up with chocolate stored in their family refrigerator. I guess more than the weather, they kept it there simply because they didn’t eat much chocolate. As far as I know, chocolate at their house lasted a whole lot longer than it ever did at our house.