It’s Been a Whole Year

I started this blog almost one year ago. I did it for the love of writing (and as an outlet for all the random thoughts in my head) and to conquer my fear of having other people actually read what I write. It’s been a year since I actually sat down in front of the computer to write. I’m surprised I can still type without looking at the keys.:) A lot has happened in the last year–like moving to a new house, traveling to the US, Japan and Singapore, Monica moving to ‘big school’, Matthew actually starting school and a whole lot more– and I am pretty¬†excited to start writing again. I am making a promise to myself to stop being so OC (obsessive compulsive) about what I write. As I mentioned before, I am my own worst critic, so I tend to dwell on anything I write (or even text) for ridiculously long periods just to make sure everything is perfect. My husband knows me all too well and patiently listens to me as I obsess about every little detail of my writing. Anyway, for this post I am editing as I go. I will hit the “Publish Post” button as soon as I am done, which is right about now.



I actually thought it would be easy to sit down and just start blogging, but it’s much harder than I expected. It seems that whenever I find the time to sit down in front of my computer to write I don’t get more than five minutes to myself before I hear, “Momma! Where are you?” Once my kids find me then the take over begins. My 4 year-old daughter is usually content just knowing where I am, but my 2 year-old son needs much more attention. First he watches me as I type and then he slowly makes his way onto my lap and before I know it he starts sliding his fingers all over the screen of my laptop (thinking that most screens are touch screens), pressing all the keys and asking questions like “What’s that?” or “Can I play this one?”

Ok, he’s here. Right on schedule.